Coffee News Locations - North America
At your local Coffee News® our mission is to strengthen
our community by promoting small and medium-sized
businesses and bringing awareness to local non-profit
and not-for-profit organizations.

What is Coffee News®?
Coffee News® is a weekly publication delivered to
restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and anywhere people
go to have a bite to eat. Coffee News® has the week's
funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia,
amazing facts,
and more.

Everything in Coffee News® is fun and entertaining -
no bad news here. It is a big breath of fresh air to
millions of readers who are tired of hearing only bad
news. Coffee News® is Positive. It provides the "other
side of the news", something that makes people

Over 650 editions of Coffee News® are printed every
week all across the United States and world wide!
You can join the hundreds of thousands of people
who enjoy reading Coffee News® each week.

Advertisers reap benefits unseen from other
newspaper advertising, from our unique publication
and monthly contest, which is so very popular among
the many that read Coffee News® each week.